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Routine maintenance and inspection of HVAC systems are critical to ensure they perform efficiently, safely and to extend their system lifespan.

LinkM8 is a cloud-based Asset Management System that assists building owners and facility managers in taking control of their HVAC assets.

By being fully transparent, the system keeps the service contractor accountable. Ensuring you pay for the service you receive, not what you have been told you received.

Key Software Features

The cloud-based system incorporates our service management portal and phone-based app, which allows technicians to easily complete tasks infield. Plus clients can access all their HVAC asset information via the Client Portal.

Asset Register

The asset register is generated by the technician onsite, when an asset is barcoded its make and model is confirmed, its photo and data plate is captured and location recorded.

Service Reports

All issues and defects found against an asset are recorded against the asset task log and asset history, creating a fully traceable history for each HVAC asset.

Service Schedling

Service tasks can only be updated by scanning the barcode. The technician then logs works completed with details recorded against the asset history.

Client Portal

Via the LinkM8 client portal, you can view all HVAC asset details, including photos, service schedules and history as well as view the current defect register.

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