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We ensure your HVAC system is working at optimal levels year round.

Mechtrol regularly assists clients with air conditioning (HVAC) system repairs; however, the core of our business is our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP).

Online Work Management System

At the core of Preventative Maintenance Program, is Mechtrol’s proprietary Asset Management System (AMS), an online solution that incorporates an asset register, service and inspection scheduler, job management and parts ordering functionality.

The system ensures that all routine inspections and service work is completed, minimising the potential for breakdowns and importantly ensuring that your system complies with Essential Safety Measures (ESM) requirements and relevant Australian Standards (AS3661.2)

Building Audit

At the beginning of our working relationship we conduct an onsite visual audit of your building facilities, inspecting all air conditioning equipment. The equipment is then entered into our AMS along and scheduled for inspection based on compliance requirements and current condition.

Equipment Location Plan

After the Building Audit, we create an Equipment Location Plan (ELP) of the air conditioning system based on existing CAD drawings. This ELP helps reduce the time spent by service staff locating important infrastructure within your building.

Essential Services Maintenance Compliance

As part of the PMP, we help you maintain Essential Safety Measures relating to air conditioning systems, as outlined by the Building Regulations 2006 (the regulations).

Site Specific Building Manuals

During the initial period, we begin compiling fully detailed building by building equipment schedules and equipment location plans to enable the complete setup of building specific Service Manuals, which include the Service Schedule, Equipment Location Plan(s), Inspection Log Sheets and Essential Safety Measures compliance documentation. The manuals ensure that our staff has a comprehensive understanding of each client and their HVAC assets.

Monitor and track HVAC Assets online with our cloud based software.

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